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Huntington Beach Riots: Is Vandalism Covered by Your Business Property Insurance?

Most people saw on the news last weekend, “The Huntington Beach Riots.” The riots started when, late Sunday, July 28, 2013, a fight broke out following the U.S. Open of Surfing Championship. The fight provoked other attendees of the U.S.

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LOL!!: Are Limitation Of Liability Contract Clauses Valid?

Limitation of Liability (“LOL”) clauses appear in many different types of professional services contracts. Poole Professional Ltd., Drafting An Enforceable Limitation of Liability Clause, July 2003, at 1. However, increasingly, construction professionals are encountering them in contractual documents between general

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Skate Park Liability Insurance: Is Commercial General Liability Insurance Available?

Last year, it was reported that the opening of the Trukstop Skate Park owned by Lil Wayne was delayed due to the inability of Lil Wayne to procure skate park insurance.  Skate park liability insurance has been harder and harder to

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Massive Storm in Mid-Atlantic States and Flood Insurance Coverage

With a massive storm system surging today and Friday in the Mid-Atlantic states, residents are probably thinking about their insurance coverages, especially flood insurance. What does flood insurance cover? Does it merely cover property damage? What about long-term power outages?

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Smoke Screen: Is Smoke Damage Covered by a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?

While sitting in a coffee shop in Camarillo yesterday, a young man approached and handed me a solicitation to contact a law firm for the purpose of submitting a homeowner’s insurance claim relating to soot and smoke damage from the

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Do “Ongoing Operations” Clauses Cover Property Damage that Occurred During “Completed” “Ongoing Operations”?

CGL policies generally cover “property damage” brought about by an insured’s “operations in progress.” This grant of coverage extends to the insured’s subcontractors. Thus, contractors are usually covered for “property damage” occurring at the project, whether caused by their own

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What Is More Fair: Horizontal or Vertical Exhaustion?

In most continuous loss cases, multiple primary policies are on the risk for a given insured. The issue attorneys and insurance professionals often face is whether an excess insurer has an obligation to contribute to the defense and indemnity of

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Which Insured Payments Count Towards Self-Insured Retention Exhaustion?

Application of self-insured retentions (“SIRs”) is the frequent topic of court decisions around the country. These insurance provisions are so common because they are effective. They give the insured a stake in the liability, and consequently, provide him incentive to

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Do Commercial General Liability Insurance (“CGL”) Policies Cover Construction Claims?

Recently, courts across the country have been called upon to decide the issue of whether the average commercial general liability (“CGL”) policy provides coverage for construction defect claims against contractors. Edward Weiman and Audrey Jing, Recent Developments in Construction Defect

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